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  • MCU-4-2 Multifunction Smart Charger

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  • BrandW-STANDARD ModelMCU-4-2 Size (Inches/mm)4.8(L) x 2.992(W) x 1.811(H) / 122(L) x 76(W) x 46(H)mm Input voltage100-250V/47-63Hz AC Charging voltage/ Output voltage6V/12V DC Charging current1A/3A Storage current1A Max charge rate1A Warranty1 Year

MCU-4-2 Multifunction Smart Charger

The MCU-4-2 Multifunction Smart Charger has an advanced micro-control system which provides intelligent power control to a lithium battery to avoid overcharge and over-discharge.

The charger has both a “STORE” mode and “CHARGE” mode, with 5 LED display lights to indicate battery capacity.  In addition, it charges both 1A and 3A with a voltage choice of 6V or 12V. STORE mode

The store mode allows for safe charging and battery maintenance for extended storage time for a healthy battery.  The “Smart Charger” delivers charging to the battery only when necessary to maintain the battery at 80% capacity


-5 LED light indicator > battery capacity level

-Short circuit protection > 5 LED light flashed with alarm buzzer

-Polarity error > 5 LED light flashes with a buzzer

-Completed charge reminder > buzzer every minute until the charger is unplugged

-Charge current selection > slow & fast charge


-Recommended for use with WSTANDARD Lithium Iron Batteries and may be used with conventional lead/acid batteries


-Charger Type: Charging & Storing

-Charger for the Battery Type: Lithium Battery & Acid/Lead Battery

-Battery: 2/4S Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, capacity 3-40

-Shell: 7075 Aluminum, size 118*76*46

-Input socket: 3pin AC socket, IEC320-C14

-Output socket: alligator clip; American Stack Plug; 6mm ground wire terminal

-output wire length: 1.0 Meter 0.5 Square AWG18

-Weight: 220g

-Input Voltage: AC 100-250V / 47-63Hz

-Output Voltage: DC 6V/12V

-Charging Voltage / Current: 2S: 7.2-7.4V/1A/3A;  4S:14.4-14.6V/1A/3A

-Storage Voltage / Current: 2S: 6.6-6.8V/1A;  4S: 13.2-13.6V/1A

-Signal lamp: No-load:

-5 flow LED lamps; Normal charge, slide display according to 20%,40%,60%,80%,100%; Only 1-4 LED lights be on when storage; Output short circuit or reverse connect: No.5 LED blinks


-Normal on: short beep. Full charge: short voice sounds in every 1 minute. Abnormal situation: quick short sound or continuous ringing.


-: -20--70℃、Humidity 20-90%

-Storage temperature: -20--70℃、Humidity 20-90%.

-Others: AC power allows long-term power supply which won’t damage the battery

Instructions for use

Step 1

Connect the type of connectors you want to use, the terminal connectors or clamps into the wiring harness.   Connect to the battery with the correct polarity, red positive (+) first, followed by black negative (-)

Step 2

Select the charging voltage: 6V or 12V, then select charge mode: STORE, CHARGE SLOW OR CHARGE FAST.

Step 3

Connect the power cord, first to the charger and then a wall outlet.  You will hear a power up beep with the LED lights lighting sequentially.

Step 4

The charger is now charging the battery.  The LED display indicates the percentage charged.

Step 5

The LED will indicate 100% and will remain illuminated (no blinking) once the battery is completely charged.  Also, a buzzer alarm will sound every minute after completion.

Step 6

Unplug the charger from the AC power source.  Disconnect the clamps or terminal connectors, black negative (-) first, followed by red (+).

MCU-1500-4S Simple Charger


-Output short circuit protection

-Reverse connection protection

-Overcharge protection

-Indicator light > Single LED cut-off light


-This charger may only be used for LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium ion batteries, polymer soft lithium batteries and 12V lead/acid batteries.

-The charger may become hot while charging or discharging.  Use caution

-Unplug the charger immediately after use.

-For indoors or sheltered use only

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